INGENEUS purpose is to provide premium quality streetwear with uniquely inspiring graphic design illustrations, to support the growth and wellbeing of a free thinking and creative community.

Our aim is to deliver first class feelings through fashion and bring together a growing community of awakened beings, supportive of creating positive results in their own and other’s lives. 


Our vision is for all INGENEUS wearers to feel they belong in a family of individuals accepting of one another, in the knowledge that we are united by human genetics.  

We believe consciousness to be human being’s greatest asset to improve all quality of life. Our vision is to assist in expanding conscious awareness through our designs to raise collective consciousness on Earth.


Valuing responsibility and community, we maintain ethical production processes and professional relationships. Dedicating a percentage of our profits to supporting the cause for Peace, through the Peace One Day charity organisation.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable fashion industry through our made to order business model and environmentally friendly packaging. For further information check out our sustainability page below. 


In times of economic, environmental, social and political uncertainty, we still possess the inner ability to rise above our limitations to create a better world together.  

Human genes unite us. Consciousness creates us. Together is 

Wear There’s Change